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“The Lines of my Hand” travel to China


“The Lines of my Hand” travel to China

The work “The lines of my hand” by María Muñoz, which was exhibited last year at the WTA Biennial in Montevideo (Uruguay), now travels to China where it will be shown at the exhibition that will take place this August in the Art Gallery of the Academy of Art and Design of the Tsinghua University in Beijing and later participate in the 10th Biennial International FIBER ART “From Lausanne to Beijing”


The Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University was established in 1956 to meet the country’s demand for art design professionals.


Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University


The Academy’s teaching philosophy and educational set-up has been predominant in the development of China’s modern art and design education. Since its establishment, the Academy has undertaken and participated in China’s principal art and design projects, aptly playing the role of a national research institute for art and design. The Academy put forth the concepts of “arts and crafts”, “industrial design”, and “art design” for its programs at different stages over the past years, always deciding on the direction of China’s art design.

Fifty years later, the Art and Design Discipline of the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University is considered to have the best teaching and research conditions in art and design in all Chinese colleges and universities. It is in a position well ahead of its competitors in this field in China. The Academy appeared twice in the top 60 best design colleges in the world by Business Weekly of the United States.

The exhibition, curated by Kai Liang, with the topic: With another voice. Textile art in a care narrative, wants to make visitors reflect on the narrative possibilities of textile artistic creation, emphasizing a discourse of care, attention and protection, which will contain all the exhibited works. Works of 15 artists from eight countries will be shown in the exhibition.




The lines of my hand


Maria Muñoz´s work will later be moved to the facilities of the 10th FIBER ART International Art Textile Biennial “From Lausanne to Beijing”, opening next October 15, where it will be also shown.




International Art Textile Biennial “From Lausanne to Beijing”


The work “The lines of my hand” by María Muñoz, chosen to participate in these events, consists of ten pairs of hands that emerge from the wall holding threads in the shape of texts, describing poems.

Meaning of the work: The piece is a metaphor about the longing for loved ones that are far away, an attempt to attract and protect them through the magic of poetry.

Materials: Textile and silk-wrapped wire yarn.


The lines of my hand (detail)

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